Therese Byrne LAc., LMT
Christian Acupuncture

About Me

As a licensed Acupuncturist and a licensed Massage Therapist, I take health very seriously.  There is more to our health than what is on the surface.  With Acupuncture I get into the many layers of health including the role of internal organs and acupuncture channels/meridians that are connected to each organ.  

I also talk to people about food and drink and everything that we take into our bodies.  I ask a lot of questions about what each patient eats and drinks on a daily basis.  It really helps me to understand where most people's health problems are coming from.  Each food and drink has different energy, which affects each of our internal organs in special ways.  This will affect how well you feel and function. 

I graduated from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in 2016 with a Master's level in Acupuncture, and have been practicing acupuncture since then.    I graduated from Laurel Highlands Therapeutic Academy for Massage Therapy in 2009.  

My goal is to help people feel better and also to educate people on the many ways that you can improve your own health at home.